Annette Lovemore
Behind the public image that Annette has developed lies a vulnerable soul, struggling with self-confidence and credibility – but DETERMINED to make the difference  and add the value she knows she can !


In 1998, Annette made two decisions that have changed her life. She became actively involved in politics, and she joined Toastmasters International.


Annette has become best known – certainly in the Nelson Mandela Bay area – as a politician, having spent the last two decades actively involved in politics. Annette served as a member of parliament for 7 years, and as a Member of the Mayoral Committee in Nelson Mandela Bay for 2 years. She has spent 11 years serving as a municipal councillor.


Toastmasters has continued to be an important part of Annette’s life. She has developed communication skills that have allowed her to relate to audiences across the country, with the poorest and the most powerful in our society. She has spent much time lecturing and facilitating courses, allowing her to exercise her passion for being part of developing the potential inherent in all of us.


Annette turned 60 last year, and found the journey into the last third of her life intriguing. She is on a step-by-step voyage of discovery, realising just why she has struggled to maintain a healthy level of self-worth , and appreciating (slowly) that she might just be ok – even without the titles and the public persona she has worked to maintain throughout her life.


She is even beginning to discover deep joy, simply through being.


Annette has chosen to share her substantial experience and her stories. She is a powerful, authentic and inspiring speaker, and a passionate coach. Her life lessons hold real value for her audiences.


She believes strongly that nothing happens without a good reason, and that, quite possibly, the opportunity to inspire others to realise their worth might just be that good reason !

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