You want your virtual presence to be as professional as possible. You want to make the best possible impression every time you interact online. Given that virtual meetings are here to stay, it makes sense to put effort into ensuring that the way you project virtually is conducive to the building of relationships, and, particularly, of trust.

But how well are you coming across? Not sure? Even if you think you’re fine, an outsider might just provide really constructive criticism!

I will provide you with an honest, expert and confidential assessment, with pointers for improvement.

We can do this in one of three ways :
* you provide a recording of a virtual interaction of which you were part, and I provide you with comments
and advice (with follow-up sessions if desired); or
* you inform me of a webinar of which you will be part, and I join (as an observer), and then provide you
with feedback and advice (with follow-up sessions if desired); or
* You and I meet virtually to discuss your concerns (with no prior observation, and as many times as
necessary), and I provide you with written feedback and advice.

We’ll go into the detail you require – just your setting, or the way you present and more. It’s entirely up to you.

The charge involved is as follows :
* Whichever of the above you select, the first charge will be incurred once I commit my comments to
writing, with advice. For this, the charge is R250.
* Thereafter, every 30 minute session we have will be charged at R250, and will include any necessary
guidelines or written comments.

My aim is always twofold:
* Building your communication confidence, and
* You developing towards your potential.

I look forward to working with you on what will be an exciting, worthwhile journey.