Lauren and Cerina, I need to express my personal gratitude to you for your commitment to supporting female entrepreneurs, and your commitment, equally, to excellence in the way you achieve this.
Congratulations on achieving your very well-deserved 1000 days in business.
You have been exactly what I’ve needed. You’re there, via email, via our online office hours sessions, via the Business School videos and workbooks, via Friday morning breakfast sessions – you’re there for everyone who signs up for your support. You really are doing an incredible job of understanding and listening to your community, and providing for its needs. Your energy and determination are contagious. It’s the reason why you’re now present and growing on most continents of the world.
I’m thrilled to have completed your Social Media Advertising Masterclass, and, currently, to be part of your Business School Accelerator. I’m thrilled, too, that your presence is now established in my home city of Port Elizabeth, and that I’ll be offering two online workshops during your birthday week next week!
I’m even more thrilled, though, to have learnt an enormous amount, with the help of your pointers and advice, and to feel ready to finally turn my side hustle into a thriving business.
You really have done, and are doing awesome work, changing lives. Congratulations. And thank you.