Far more often than not, it pays to show up.

I was privileged this morning to attend an online BNI meeting. I was invited by Nick Bands of the Crossfire Chapter in Port Elizabeth. I had accepted the invitation gratefully.

This morning was a bit different though.

Coming out of lockdown is strange. I have one foot still in hard lockdown, and the other reaching for the edge of the real world.

I’m not entirely ready to leap yet – really out of fear for my husband’s health, and also because lockdown was an incredible opportunity for learning, and, frankly, I’d like that to continue for a while.

But I know the leap must be made, and the sooner, the better. (I certainly need to put my learning to work.)

This morning, though, the bed was warm, the dogs needed walking…I just wasn’t sure. But I showed up. And I am so glad that I did.

I was warmly welcomed by a group of vibrant professionals, absolutely present for each other. Such a diverse tribe, with common goals, there for each other’s growth.

I left the meeting inspired, in awe, full of new ideas, and very glad that I had chosen to show up. And that the people I had met had made the same choice.

What a great, positive start to the day. ☺