Ken and I spent the day at the Addo Elephant National Park yesterday. We drove through the park for a full four hours. The restaurant isn’t open yet, so I packed lunch and a flask of coffee.

I was as excited as a small child about our trip.

The day was just magical. No matter what the circumstances in our lives – our realities – nature has a healing touch.

Who can worry about everyday matters when a family of meerkats is sitting on their hind legs watching you, or a massive, proud kudu bull is calmly chewing leaves, completely unperturbed by your presence? Or a group of three female elephants and three babies at the watering hole? Or a pair of buffaloes staring out from the bush? Or a dazzle of zebras staring straight back at you? Or a warthog trying to figure out how to manouevre the steep slope to the water hole? Or the smell of the spekboom? And the red dust.

The day was a complete lesson about getting in touch with what matters – for which I am very grateful.