It is often asserted that:
• 80% of jobs are never advertised, and are filled internally or through networking; and
• 80% of jobs are filled through networking, whether they are advertised or not.

It has long worried me that this is possibly a primary factor in the high unemployment rate amongst the poor. What young person from a poverty-stricken household has a father who plays golf with businesspeople, who might have jobs to offer? Or a mother who attends businesswomen’s breakfasts, and hears of jobs through her contacts? They don’t. And what young person can network him/herself? They don’t have the money, they don’t have the clothes, but, most of all, they don’t have the confidence.

I’ve tried to figure out, in my little head, what alternative there could be, just to expose employers to the potential of these less advantaged young people. I haven’t come up with a solution.

Do you imagine that COVID-19 will level the playing fields a bit?

Virtual networking doesn’t lend itself to individual conversations – the type that might result in talk of a job that your son or daughter might be perfect for.

Face-to-face networking will resume, but when? Not for a while I imagine.

I’d love for this to be one of the real positives to come out of this time of pandemic – that more jobs are actually advertised, and that the best candidates are allowed to interview and potentially be appointed, whether they’ve come through a network or not.

What do you think?