Another question for you:

Who has inspired you, and how are you reflecting that inspiration in your life?

I found this question really difficult to answer, simply because there are so many people who have had a really positive impact on my life (for which I’m very grateful).

The person, though, who stands out as an inspiration in my life is Helen Zille.

Helen has been part of my political life for two decades. I know she’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but she certainly is mine.

Here’s just some of why Helen inspires me:

• Helen is brave and courageous.
• She has an incredible work ethic.
• Helen always seeks the principle of any issue, and uses that as her starting point. She sees through all the noise.
• Her sense of fairness and justice is unparalleled.
• She is always reading, always learning.
• Helen is a true tree-top leader, with an incredible gift of big-picture vision.
• Helen truly cares.
• She communicates at every level.
• The world is better for Helen’s touch.

I reflect the inspiration I have received from Helen by my commitment to principle, by my work ethic and by my determination to be a lifelong learner. Also, by caring. And by stepping up, speaking up, being brave. (I’m probably much like Helen in those ways, actually, but she has highlighted them as strengths, worth actively pursuing.)

I love Helen. I’m not blind to her faults, but I love her for what she has given South Africa, and me. I believe history will judge her far more favourably than Twitter ever does. She is one of our greatest ever leaders.

Who has been an inspiration in your life, and how do you reflect that inspiration?