Malcolm Gladwell is one of my favourite authors. I resonate with what he has to share.

This quote is so reflective of my own life : “A lot of what is most beautiful in the world arises from struggle.”

We all have our stories. There isn’t one of us who has lived a life free of painful experiences – free of struggle. I’m not immune.

I believe strongly that there is always good that comes from bad. There is always a lesson to be learnt. There is change.

In my own life,
• I have learnt to really listen,
• I have learnt empathy,
• I have learnt authenticity,
• I have learnt deep respect,
• I have learnt humility,
• I have learnt to be courageous,
• I have learnt to be brave,
• I have learnt the value of service
• I have learnt the value of my family
– all through struggle.

I still have a lot to learn. I don’t doubt that. But I know that what I consider in any way beautiful about myself has been born of struggle.

And you?