We all need to take time out from our work. For me, that’s in the later evening of each day. That’s the time I choose to knit or crochet. And what better way to spend this down time than to craft something warm for someone who really needs it ? Crochet a knee blanket for a gogo, or a beanie for a little head.

Here’s a simple pattern, that I hope you’ll enjoy – not quite as much as the person who gets to wear it ultimately though !


Double knitting yarn, 5mm needles (or thereabouts)

Cast on 90 st.

Row 1 : K2, P2 to end
Row 2 : P2, K2 to end
Continue till work measures 10 cm ending on wrong side

Row 1 : K1, P1 to end (same for rows 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17)
Row 2 : K to end
Row 4 : K8, K2 tog to end
Row 6 : K7, K2 tog to end
Row 8 : K6, K2 tog to end
Row 10 : K5, K2 tog to end
Row 12 : K4, K2 tog to end
Row 14 : K3, K2 tog to end
Row 16 : K2, K2 tog to end
Row 18 : K1, K2 tog to end
Repeat row 18 until only 1 stitch remains

Bind off leaving enough yarn to sew up.