Looking good will almost always make you feel good (or, at least, better) about yourself. (I know there’ll be those extreme circumstances when appearance might seem flippant. Hopefully, they’re few.)

Take care of the way you look. Especially now – when it’s so easy to slop around the house, and also so easy to slip into a really heavy funk, or even depression.

Show up for the day. Get dressed every morning. Make sure your hair looks good. Do your make-up, if that’s part of your style. Wear shoes, not slippers. Freshen your look during the day.

If you’re going to be participating in a webinar, look the part. Choose your look as if the interaction is face-to-face. Your online art lesson is casual, but your management team meeting isn’t. Show up accordingly.

In pre-COVID life, you would have had an idea of the dress code for any kind of interaction in which you would be participating. If you didn’t know, you’d find out beforehand. And you’d dress just one notch up, to be sure that you looked good – more than good enough. Doing that would add to your feeling of being legitimately part of the gathering. It would go a long way to ensuring that you felt confident.

Don’t lose that #ConfidenceHack now. #LookGood.