Isn’t it amazing how quickly “rules” have started to emerge for webinars ? The do’s and don’ts of webinar etiquette. It’s absolutely understandable – many of us are spending many hours each week participating in webinars – some are even brave enough to host them.

The same bottom line has to apply during these webinars as during any other form of meeting or training. That bottom line is respect.

And so the etiquette list really is a list of what makes us feel respected – not only as individuals, but also as part of an interaction that must be acknowledged as worthwhile.

We’re getting used to some level of discourtesy – like not showing your face – because we’re pragmatic, and we understand that the webinar data cost is high. But it is still courteous to apologise if you talk during the webinar and you don’t have your video on. There are certain behaviours, however, that are a must – arrive promptly (at least two minutes early, in fact), sit up straight (and NEVER lie on your bed), look appropriate, don’t have people in the background, choose a background that is not distracting (and make sure it’s tidy), focus on the meeting (and stop your video if you have to make coffee, tend to a child etc), mute yourself unless it’s your turn to talk, never interrupt…there are many.

I’ll be offering a free e-book on webinar etiquette soon. Please look out for it !