Do you naturally have a high level of confidence ? Are you sure of yourself in most situations ? Are you never doubtful of the value you add ? If you are, you’re lucky. Most people suffer a lack of confidence. For most people, the inner critic has a loud, booming voice. (I don’t understand this state of affairs, actually – it should never be so that most people are unsure of themselves, and convinced that they don’t quite measure up to other people, or other people’s standards, but somehow we’ve evolved into this dreadfully unhealthy state of tension. It is as it is.)

So – to make yourself feel more confident, and to be able to appear more confident, and be judged as such, it really is worth adopting a few confidence hacks. There are plenty, and they really do work. I’m busy compiling a collection of hacks right now, and I’m certainly learning as I go.

Three quick confidence hacks :
1.Smell good – wear a good perfume or aftershave. The sense of smell evokes emotions. You really are likely to feel better, and be better received, if your scent is attractive.
2.Be helpful – being kind to someone – being of service – makes you feel good and, importantly, takes your focus off yourself and your shortcomings;
3.Play or listen to music you love – you simply cannot feel negative while you are playing an instrument, or humming or singing.