There are so many different tools around that assess one’s personality type, behaviour type, communication preference etc. I’ve tried many, and have always been amazed at the level of accuracy. I use them, regularly, to explain who I am, and why I am, but also to understand why others are the way they are.

Yesterday I was introduced to the Archetype methodology for the first time. It seems that this is widely used, but it had passed me by somehow.

Yesterday’s short learning used the Robin and Batman archetypes. The hero, out-there type, and the cautious, behind-the-scenes type. The most important aspect seems to be that Batman could never have been the hero without Robin’s careful planning, and Robin’s careful planning would never have translated into action without Batman.

So – for people operating largely on their own, this raises many questions. Which archetype are you ? Which do you need to be to achieve success ? Is it one, or both ? Can you be the type(s) you need to be ? If not, can you fill that gap ? How ? If you’re a Robin, how do you feel about a Batman taking all the credit for your painstaking backstage work ?

This requires (for me, anyway) a whole lot more thought.