Discovering My Strengths ….

I love the idea of focusing on your strengths. It really is why we need all of us. We all have strengths that we can put to good use making the world a slightly better place than it was before we came along. But I’m willing to bet that many of us never really get to discover our strengths.


Strengths are not the same as skills. I might be a very good carpenter, or writer, or manager. I’ve developed the necessary skills. But do I love being a carpenter, a writer, a manager? That really will only happen when I’m playing to my innate strengths – when what I am ties up closely with who I am. So a carpenter whose strength is creativity, a writer whose strength is curiosity, a manager whose strength is leadership will likely love what they do.


A few years’ back I did the Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment. My top strength was LEARNER. And last week I did the VIA Strengths Survey, and my top strength emerged as LOVE OF LEARNING. It ties up. I do love to learn. I’m curious. I’m always discovering something new that I become convinced needs to be discovered by me. And I set about learning again.


Today, I’m starting to share my learning journey. I hope you’ll find it interesting. I hope you’ll share tour thoughts and YOUR learning. I look forward to our journey…