Nancy Kline has done pioneering work over the past approximately thirty-five years, developing the TIME TO THINK concept. She has been recognised internationally for her contribution to management methodologies.


Nancy realised, in her early years as a management consultant, that “The quality of everything we do depends on the thinking we do first…To improve action, we first have to improve thinking.” The obvious question was HOW to improve thinking. Nancy found that “How we treat people is the single biggest differentiator in what helps people to think well, and independently.”


Nancy’s research into how we should treat people in order to ignite their thinking has resulted in the identification of the 10 components of the Thinking Environment, now taught and applied worldwide.




The TIME TO THINK workshop covers :

  • The thinking underpinning the Thinking Environment
  • The 10 Components of the Thinking Environment
  • The FOUR building blocks of the Thinking Environment : Rounds, Thinking Pairs, Dialogue and Open Discussion
  • The THREE applications of the Thinking Environment : Transforming Meetings, Presentations and the Council process

The workshop is highly interactive, and utilises real-time issues, suggested by the participants themselves. The maximum number of participants is 12, to allow for participation by every delegate in all exercises, and thus optimum learning.


The workshop will achieve the following for each participant:

  • An understanding of just how imperative OWN, INDEPENDENT thinking is;
  • An understanding of the environment in which we do our best thinking;
  • Competence in using the four building blocks to best effect;
  • Exposure to the application of The Thinking Environment in their professional and personal lives;
  • Inspiration to listen to ignite creative thinking in others; and
  • Equally, inspiration to do their own best thinking.



Annette Lovemore trained with international coach Trisha Lord to become an accredited facilitator of Time to Think workshops. She received her accreditation from Time to Think founder and author, Nancy Kline.



The workshop details are as follows :

Saturday 28 March 2020, 08:00 for 08:30 to 17:00

PE St George’s Club, Bird Street, Port Elizabeth

R750 per person (with group rates available)

Contact Annette Lovemore at 0834635334 or annette@lovemorecommunication.co.za