It’s Women’s Month. We believe that is worth celebrating – in a big way.

We’re offering our one-day COMMUNICATION CONFIDENCE workshop, focussed on EFFECTIVE PRESENTATION SKILLS, for HALF our usual rate.

What Can You Expect ?

There are many aspects to public speaking or delivering professional or other presentations. Your body language counts, as does your language selection. Your speech construction is important. Your vocal variety will have an impact. We’ll cover all of these factors.

But, the most important objectives, for any speaker, are to :

  • Be confident
  • Be authentic
  • Establish a bond of credibility and trust with the audience
  • Deliver a message of value to the audience, clearly, and in such a way that it is meaningful, and resonates with the audience
  • Be memorable, and to have delivered a memorable message

You can expect to be working towards the above objectives within your speaking environment. You will get to understand the importance of every tool in the book – the gestures, the voice, etc – within the context of your own confidence and authenticity.

Preparation for the Workshop

Every participant will need to consider the following:

  • Why do you care about your presentation skills?
  • In what environment are your speeches made?
  • How long are your presentations ordinarily?
  • Do you use audio-visual aids?
  • What do you consider are your strengths?
  • What do you consider are your areas requiring development?
  • Do you have any style/orator that you admire and would like to learn from ?
  • What image do you wish to project ?

Every participant will be required to :

  • Conduct a personality/communication typing assessment, via a short questionnaire
  • Prepare a 3 minute speech, introducing themselves. (Guidelines will be provided.)

The Workshop

The workshop will cover all aspects of effective presentation skills :

  • Communication style, body language, vocal variety and presence/image
  • Dealing with nerves
  • Audience analysis
  • Topic selection, speech construction, and language selection
  • Audio-visual aids and notes

The bottom line, for every workshop, is to work towards developing CONFIDENT, AUTHENTIC and EFFECTIVE speakers. Each participant will receive a manual, and a video of their presentation(s).


The workshop can be conducted at your venue, or at a venue hired by us.

The cost (without the venue and equipment hire, and provision of refreshments) is normally R1200 per participant. This includes a manual and refreshments.


(The total cost, including venue, equipment and refreshments, will differ depending on your choices in this regard.)

Contact ANNETTE LOVEMORE at annette@lovemorecommunication.co.za. 

Individuals and company groups are welcome.